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Eisenbeiß (eyes-en-bice): A person, or persons, who gathers every three years to eat kucha, talk, dance, talk, reminisce, talk, eat, talk about eating, and eat while they talk.

General Information

Clyde Eisenbeis began researching the Eisenbeiß name in 1980 by writing letters to various Eisenbeiß families throughout North Dakota and South Dakota. Over the next couple of decades the research expanded in an attempt to record every Eisenbeiß in the world. During that time, many people participated in the research and made contributions to the genealogy lineage (listing of contributors).

Special acknowledgement is given to Albert Eisenbeiß of Germany, Henri Eisenbeis of France, and Dennis Eisenbeis of California for their long term commitment to this extensive effort.

Genealogy Books

An Eisenbeiß Family History and Genealogy book is published with latest updates to coincide with the reunions. The book (approximately 500 pages) contains extensive information about Eisenbeiß families, letters, histories, maps, coat-of-arms, and genealogy dating back to the 1500’s.

This is an on-going work that started in 1980. Hundreds of folks have contributed thousands of names / family relationships and includes Eisenbeiß family genealogies from around the world.

Click here for a book ordering form. The book contains more than 14,000 Eisenbeiß relatives.

Genealogy Updates

Details on the genealogy book format.

If you wish to report corrections or add other lineages contact Clyde at the email listed at the bottom.


An International Eisenbeiß Family Reunion is held every three years. Eisenbeiß'es have come to the reunion from most every US state, and from Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Luxembourg.

The next reunion is scheduled for Jun 2016 in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Details about the reunion are in process of being finalized.

Mailing List

To be added to the reunion / book mailing list , email your name and address to Ed Eisenbeisz, edwin.eisenbeisz@cnh.com

Usually only two mailings occur ... one about a half year before the reunion and a second a few months before the reunion.


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Eisenbeiß Family Genealogy.

J.C. Eisenbeiss Headstone in Cemetery in Nürnberg, Germany     Photo,  Cemetery Map,
                                             Wood carving by Franz Eisenbeis,   Redrawn by Viktoria Eisenbeis Tsvetkovskaya.

Coat of Arms     1485,  Unknown year.

Old German Script    (printed chars and handwritten chars) Example 1,  Example 2

Book Covers     1984  1988  1992  1995  1998  2001  2004  2007  2010  2013.


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